This blog is about building better software faster, using the right combination of attitude, processes, tools and project methodologies.

I think that in the software development business, we are continuously working on making the life of our customers easier by automating their processes and business. It’s our job, and it’s nice to see that our efforts really make a difference in the way our customers do business.

But my personal experience is that we do this for everybody … except for ourselves. Or like they say, “the¬†shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”.

And that is what this blog is about. I want to collect and write a series of articles that focus on automating the way we make software. To do it better and faster, by using the right tools and the right mindset. From the moment you realise that you’re doing repetitive tasks in your development cycle, ask yourself the question how you could avoid that in the future.

So it’s not only about tools, but also about processes, methodologies, people, change, attitude, motivation etc.

I’m an independent consultant and freelancer, not linked to any vendor. I’ll mostly write about the tools that I’m using myself because those are the tools I like and that I know best.