Digital Transformation Conference 2017 – take aways

Op 10 mei 2017 was ik aanwezig bij de Digital Transformation Conference 2017 in Mechelen, en onderstaande quotes of stellingnames vond ik de moeite om te onthouden. Niet alle quotes zullen 100% accuraat zijn, maar het is mijn invulling van wat de sprekers gezegd hebben of getoond hebben op hun slides.

Talk of Olivier Van Duüren, The Dualarity

Regarding the usage of Artificial Intelligence: “In the very near future, every company will be a software company”

“Digital transformation” is actually more “how to transform in an already digital world”

Talk of Juan Gutierrez Botella, Avanade

“(Digital) change is here, is here to stay and the pace of change will only increase”

Message to corporates, regarding their digital transformation: “Your customers are already one step ahead of you”



Talk of  Jef Staes, RedMonkey Company

“Put fences around people and you get sheep”

“Real learning only happens when you are in the groove with your talents”

Talk of Bart De Groote, NMBS

Mind the difference between IT and Digital Transformation: Digital transformation doesn’t mean you just have to automate or digitise what you already have today (the digital version of something bad is still bad). You need to rethink everything. Do we still need this? Can’t we do this in another way? Etc

Talk of Hans Peerlinck, Endare

Regarding chat bots and intelligent assistants: “Customers expect personalised experience, accessible 24/7, and they are willing to give up their privacy for this”